Bicycle tours for a non-violent, peaceful world

vatikan-2016I am Zelei József, currently the only one of the world’s official cycling peace ambassador.

I prepare for my bicycle tour called “Memory bicycle tour for the peaceful world”. My intention was the Saint Márton raoul and in 2016 published clemency year by Francis pope. More

(Magyar) Fábry SándorralSorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian. Tovább
(Magyar) VATIKÁN – TALÁLKOZÁS FERENC PÁPA ŐSZENTSÉGÉVELSorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian. Tovább
ciprus Cyprian Cycling Peace Tour 2015They call it Aphrodite Island because according to the Greek mythology the beauty's and a love's goddess originates from here. […] Tovább
II. Kerékpáros Centenáriumi Béketúra 2015. II. Cycling centennial peace tour in 2015Budapest – Gorlice – Przemysl – Baltic Sea – Riga. Similarly to my 2014 tour, this tour was closed with […] Tovább
2008as Budapest Paris cycling centennial peace tour 2014
This is my 17. Cycling peace tour and I bow for the 100.Anniversary of the First World War. This tour […] Tovább
2013. Transylvania – Székelyföld – Transcarpathia tourThe thought of a tour Transilvania-Székelyföld-Transcarpathia came out at the time of a friendly talk. I had been in so […] Tovább
wordtrade 2011th New York – Washington Memorial TourIn 2011 will be the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks perpetrated in New York. For 7 years all of […] Tovább
sp-o-2-520 EL CAMINO pilgrimage road to “Boonies”, to FinistereI have paid attention … why should a peacecycler go on foot – pushing a bicycle beside him with a […] Tovább
2007 Zelei József 2007. I. On two wheels in the union – National Bike tourI would like to start the expanding with the “Szuperinfo” in collaboration Tovább
Joseph Zelei 2006. Southern Europe – Peace Cycling Tour„For a violence-free Europe” i Cycling tour In memory of the Balkan war touring Zagreb-Ljubljana-Triest-Rijeka-Split-Dubrovnik-Podgorica-Tirana-Korfu Island. Tovább
Sidney 2013. Australia – New-ZeelandTanzania In 2013 I obtained a call to Australia, Tasmania and to New Zeeland, and my peace mission turned into […] Tovább
Jois Polgm hiv polgmesterrel 2012. Bike Tour round the Fertő lakeBike tour for the peace and for the infinite collaboration.
My tour called “Széchenyi István bike tour round the Fertő Lake” […] Tovább
bp-bekefa 2010th Peacetree planting cycling tour in HungaryThe result: 2,500 miles on the road, 16 Peacetree planted and my Peacebook was consecrated by the Dalai Lama. Tovább
shcmittpal In the Lord Alexander Palace with the Hungarian President Pal SchmittSchmitt Pal welcomed me in the Sandor Palace on the 4th of November , 2010, in the Republican’s office at […] Tovább
Zelei Jozsef 2008 2008. I. South Western European Peace Cycling TourOrganised in memory of the victims of the Atocha Station terrorist attacks, visiting Zagreb – Ljubljana – Venice – Milano […] Tovább
farkas-bertalan-zelei-jozsef Bertalan Farkas will be the patronage of the “2011 Tour in New York”I met in person with research astronaut Bertalan Farkas in the middle of January. The sole purpose of our talk […] Tovább
2007 2007. North European peace bike tourNord European peace bike tour-
Kasha – Krakow – Warsaw – Grodno – Vilnius – Riga – Tallinn – Saint Petersburg Tovább
Nyugat-Európa 2005. Wester European Peace Cycling TourOrganised in memory of the victims of the London Metro Terrorist Attacks. Bratislava – Vienna – München – Thionvill – Brussels […] Tovább
london 2004 -2015. My Bike toursUse more the two cycles than machines As before mentioned tour began my whole project which grown up to a […] Tovább